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No More Starting Over

There are endless reasons for poor insurance billing including

Your office is too busy
Your billing coordinator falls behind often or takes a new job
Your current billing solutions just aren’t working for you

Whatever the reason, look no further than Immix Billing Services to cover all of your billing and coding needs for less than what it would cost to rehire your next employee.

How We Can Help


Our small team of billing experts has 15 years of experience with billing and coding solutions specifically for optometry offices.

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We save you money by only collecting an industry-low 5% of insurance collections. And, without taxes, 401k payments, or bonuses due to us we continue to help you save.

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From automated services to working completely remotely, we cover everything you need without taking up office space.

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What We Offer

Billing & Coding Services

Billing Submissions

Posting Submissions

Handling Denied Claims & Appeals

Billing and Coding Services


Accounts Receivable Management

Increasing Revenue

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Proper billing allows you to make better business decisions with more peace of mind.

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A Little About Us

Immix Billing Services is an optometry and therapy services credentialing and billing agency created to provide worry-free billing and coding services. We handle all of your insurance billing needs and help to automate these services, so you can focus on providing excellent care to your patients.

Lauren Gilmore

Founder, Immix Billing Services

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